Rule Rule 104-060-0010


Telecommunicator is any person employed as an emergency telephone worker as defined in ORS 243.736, or public safety dispatcher whose primary focal duties are receiving, processing, and transmitting public safety information received through a 9-1-1 emergency reporting system as defined in ORS 401.720.


Public or Private Safety Agency means any unit of state or local government, a special purpose district or a private firm which provides or has authority to provide fire-fighting, police, ambulance or emergency medical services.


Coordinator is the 9-1-1 Standards and Training Coordinator as designated by Oregon Emergency Management.


Employed shall mean any person paid or unpaid by a public safety agency as a telecommunicator.


Course shall mean any grouping of classes or series of lectures or lessons combined to attain a mandated training program.


Committee shall mean the 9-1-1 Standards and Training Advisory Committee.


Medical Care Provider shall mean any agency dispatched to provide pre-hospital care to any ill, injured or disabled person.


LEDS shall mean the Executive Department, Criminal Justice Services Division, Law Enforcement Data System.


Certified shall mean meeting the training standards established by statute and/or rule as determined by the Coordinator.


EMD shall mean emergency medical dispatch.
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