Rule Rule 111-015-0005
All Other Benefit-Eligible Employees Not Included in Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act during the COVID-19 pandemic


Benefit eligible full-time and part-time employees who do not meet current benefit eligibility due to their furlough or layoff directly related to COVID-19 and who are not in a current stability period under the Affordable Care Act or on approved FMLA or other protected leave, remain eligible for active OEBB benefits.


An employee may choose to self-pay or cancel their optional coverages through their employing entity. Failure to self-pay for these optional coverages mat result in the cancellation of these coverages. These optional coverages may be reinstated when the employee returns to work. The employee may have a lapse in these coverages and may not use these benefits during their period of premium non-payment. If an employee cancels their Long-Term Care coverage, the employee must re-apply at their current age upon returning to work.
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Jul. 9, 2020