Civil Forfeiture

ORS 131A.315
Default judgment


The court shall enter a judgment finding that a person who claims an interest in property that is the subject of a forfeiture action is in default, and provide for the forfeiture of the claimant’s interest without hearing, if:


The person does not make a claim for the property under ORS 131A.165 (Claims) or file a responsive pleading under ORS 131A.235 (Responsive pleading); or


The person files a responsive pleading under ORS 131A.235 (Responsive pleading) but is thereafter found to be in default in the forfeiture action.


A default judgment may be entered under this section only if the forfeiting agency files an affidavit with the court showing that there was probable cause for seizure of the property. [2009 c.78 §40]


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