Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.773
Governor’s warrant of arrest

If the Governor shall decide that the demand should be complied with, the Governor shall sign a warrant of arrest, which shall be sealed with the state seal, and be directed to a sheriff, marshal, coroner or other person whom the Governor may think fit to entrust with the execution thereof. The warrant must substantially recite the facts necessary to the validity of its issue. [Formerly 147.070]

See annotations under ORS 147.070 in permanent edition.

§§ 133.743 to 133.857

See also annotations under ORS chapter 147 in permanent edition.

Notes of Decisions

This Act was adopted to facilitate the interjurisdictional transfer of prisoners. Bishop v. Cupp, 7 Or App 349, 490 P2d 524 (1971)

Interjurisdictional transfers to clear up charges protect the prisoner's constitutional right to a speedy trial and the state's interest in the orderly administration of justice. Bishop v. Cupp, 7 Or App 349, 490 P2d 524 (1971)


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