Violations and Fines

ORS 153.019
Presumptive fines

  • generally


Except as provided in ORS 153.020 (Presumptive fines), the presumptive fines for violations are:


$440 for a Class A violation.


$265 for a Class B violation.


$165 for a Class C violation.


$115 for a Class D violation.


The presumptive fine for a specific fine violation is:


The amount specified by statute as the presumptive fine for the violation; or


An amount equal to the greater of 20 percent of the maximum fine prescribed for the violation, or the minimum fine prescribed by statute for the violation.


Any surcharge imposed under ORS 1.188 (Surcharge on fines for courthouse) shall be added to and made a part of the presumptive fine. [2011 c.597 §2; 2016 c.78 §3; 2017 c.712 §1]


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