Offenses Involving Fraud or Deception

ORS 165.549
Prevention of telephone communications when hostage taken

  • duties of telephone company
  • defense against liability


A supervising law enforcement official having jurisdiction in a geographical area in which the official has probable cause to believe that a hostage is being held may order a telephone company security employee or alternate described in subsection (2) of this section to cut, reroute or divert telephone lines to prevent telephone communications between the individual holding the hostage and any individual other than a peace officer or an individual designated by the peace officer.


The telephone company providing service within a geographical area shall notify, in writing, all law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction in that area of the address and telephone number of its security office or other office designated to provide the assistance to law enforcement officials required under this section. The telephone company shall also provide, in writing, the telephone number where the security representative or other telephone company official authorized to provide assistance under this section can be reached at any time. The telephone company shall notify the law enforcement agencies of any change in the information required under this subsection.


Good faith reliance upon an order by a supervising law enforcement official is a complete defense to any civil or criminal action arising out of the cutting, rerouting or diverting of a telephone line pursuant to this section. [1979 c.605 §1]
Chapter 165

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 427-637 (1972)


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