ORS 166.320
Setting springgun or setgun


Any person who places or sets any loaded springgun, setgun, or any gun, firearm or other device of any kind designed for containing or firing explosives, in any place where it may be fired, exploded or discharged by the contact of any person or animal with any string, wire, rod, stick, spring or other contrivance affixed to or connected with it, or with its trigger, commits a Class B misdemeanor.


Subsection (1) of this section does not apply to any loaded springgun, setgun, firearm or other device placed for the purpose of destroying gophers, moles or other burrowing rodents, and does not prevent the use of a coyote getter by employees of county, state or federal governments engaged in cooperative predatory animal control work. [Amended by 2011 c.597 §164]
Chapter 166

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 427-637 (1972); 69 OLR 169 (1990)

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