State Police

ORS 181A.230
Establishment of procedures for access to criminal record information

  • rules

The Department of State Police shall adopt rules under ORS chapter 183 establishing procedures:


To provide access to criminal offender information by criminal justice agencies and by other state and local agencies.


(a) To permit a person or agency not included in subsection (1) of this section to inquire as to whether the department has compiled criminal offender information on an individual.


To provide that any person making an inquiry under paragraph (a) of this subsection furnish the department with such information known to the inquirer as will assist the department in identifying and notifying the individual about whom the information is sought. If the information is sought by an employer for employment purposes, the employer first shall have advised the employee or prospective employee that such information might be sought and shall state upon making the request that the individual has been so advised and the manner in which the individual was so advised.


To provide each individual about whom criminal offender information has been compiled the right to inspect and challenge that criminal offender information.


Providing for purging or updating of inaccurate or incomplete information. [Formerly 181.555]


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