ORS 192.060
Indexing and filing copied records

All photocopies, digital images and analog or digital audio and video tapes made under ORS 192.040 (Making, filing and recording records by photocopying) and 192.050 (Copying records) shall be properly indexed and placed in conveniently accessible files. Each roll of microfilm shall be deemed a book or volume and shall be designated and numbered and provision shall be made for preserving, examining and using the same. [Amended by 1961 c.160 §7; 1991 c.671 §5]

Notes of Decisions

In this section, the words "shall be deemed" are interpreted as "shall be considered" or "shall have the same effect as," and county clerk is not required to alter recording system so as to assign specific "book or volume" number to each roll of microfilm. Bauer v. Poppen, 13 Or App 474, 510 P2d 1346 (1973)

Chapter 192

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Attorney General's Public Meetings and Records Manual, (1973) Vol 36, p 543; public meetings and records manual, (1976) Vol 37, p 1087; prohibition on disclosing marriage records, (1998) Vol 49, p 21


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