ORS 236.640
Reemployment right of employee at end of cooperation agreement

At the end of a cooperation agreement the employee transferred shall be entitled to the position of the employee with the transferring employer prior to transfer, if the employee has remained an employee of the transferee employer in good standing to the termination of the agreement. [1963 c.204 §5]

Notes of Decisions

Where schoolteacher's appeal from education district's termination of her employment had been remanded to Fair Dismissal Appeals Board, and she claimed right to reinstatement under this section if her termination were affirmed, there was no ripe, justiciable controversy. Davis v. The Dalles Sch. Dist. No 12, 37 Or App 109, 586 P2d 397 (1978)

§§ 236.610 to 236.650

Notes of Decisions

The specific terms of ORS 342.120 et seq., relating to teachers, controlled over the general terms of these sections, so these sections did not guarantee retention of permanent teacher status by a teacher who transferred from a school district to an Intermediate Education District. Davis v. Wasco IED, 286 Or 261, 593 P2d 1152 (1979)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Retirement contributions by Department of Environmental Quality to Multnomah County Retirement System for Columbia-Willamette Air Pollution Authority, (1973) Vol 36, p 746; effect of transfer of Alcohol Safety Action Program and Comprehensive Options for Drug Abusers from state operation to Multnomah County, (1978) Vol 38, p 2079; entitlement of Corrections Division employe, transferred from state to county employment under Community Corrections Act program contract, to continued participation in PERS and to return to state employment at contract termination, (1978) Vol 39, p 357; status of employes performing duties under Comprehensive Employment and Training Act program following transfer to consortium of twenty-two Oregon counties, (1981) Vol 42, p 1


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