Land Special Assessments

ORS 308A.068
Qualification of nonexclusive farm use zone farmland


Any land that is not within an exclusive farm use zone but that is being used, and has been used for the preceding two years, exclusively for farm use shall qualify for farm use special assessment:


If the land meets the income requirements set forth in ORS 308A.071 (Income requirements for nonexclusive farm use zone farmland); and


Upon compliance with the application requirements set forth in ORS 308A.077 (Application to qualify nonexclusive farm use zone farmland).



The provisions of this section shall not apply to any land with respect to which the owner has granted, and has outstanding, any lease or option to buy the surface rights for other than farm use.


This subsection does not apply in the case of a lease or option to buy surface rights:


For the exploration of geothermal resources, as defined by ORS 522.005 (Definitions), mineral resources or other subsurface resources; or
For the use of land for hunting, fishing, camping or other recreational use; and


If the exploration, use or possession engaged in pursuant to the lease or option to buy does not interfere with the farm use of the farmland.


Whether farmland qualifies for special assessment under this section shall be determined as of January 1 of the assessment year. However, if land so qualified becomes disqualified prior to July 1 of the same assessment year, the land shall be valued under ORS 308.232 (Property to be valued at 100 percent real market value and assessed at assessed value), at its real market value as defined by law without regard to this section, and shall be assessed at its assessed value under ORS 308.146 (Determination of maximum assessed value and assessed value) or as otherwise provided by law. If the land becomes disqualified on or after July 1, the land shall continue to qualify for special assessment as provided in this section for the current tax year. [1999 c.314 §7]


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