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ORS 390.233
Office of Outdoor Recreation

  • duties
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The Office of Outdoor Recreation is established as an administrative section within the State Parks and Recreation Department, subject to the supervision of the Associate Director of Outdoor Recreation and the policies and procedures established by, and recommendations of, the State Parks and Recreation Director and the State Parks and Recreation Commission.


The office shall consist of the associate director and all personnel employed in the office.


Subject to subsection (1) of this section, the office shall, in furtherance of the state policy declared in ORS 390.010 (Policy of state toward outdoor recreation resources):


Coordinate outdoor recreation policy:


Within the administrative divisions of the department; and


Between the department and federal, state, regional and local government entities and nongovernmental entities.


Assist in developing or updating the outdoor recreation management strategies of the department.


Collaborate with the Oregon Tourism Commission and the Travel Information Council to create effective forums for communicating recreation-based initiatives and for sharing best practices.


Serve as a clearinghouse and information center for outdoor recreation stakeholders.


Develop data, independently or through contracts with appropriate public or private agencies, on the social, economic and resource impacts of outdoor recreation in this state.


Promote the health and social benefits of outdoor recreation in coordination with other related state programs and initiatives.


Report on the office’s activities to the State Parks and Recreation Commission four times per year or as otherwise directed by the commission.


The office shall coordinate and collaborate with the Oregon Business Development Department, representatives of regional and local governments, the outdoor recreation industry and other outdoor recreation stakeholders to promote economic development in this state. In furtherance of promoting economic development, the office may recommend, adopt or assist in the implementation of policies and initiatives that:


Encourage development of the outdoor recreation industry in a manner that improves recreational opportunities in this state.


Maximize public and private investment in the outdoor recreation industry and in outdoor recreation activities in this state.


Enhance quality of life and economic vibrancy in communities across the state.


Strike a sensitive balance between development and preservation of the unique natural experience provided by Oregon’s outdoor recreation resources, and between motorized and nonmotorized outdoor recreation activities.


Take a proactive approach to enhancing regional and local outdoor recreation infrastructure.


The office shall annually submit a report to the Legislative Assembly on the impacts of outdoor recreation in this state. The report required under this section may include:


Other information about the office’s activities; or


Recommendations, which may include recommendations for legislation, on policies and initiatives that may be adopted by the legislature, the State Parks and Recreation Department or other state agencies to enhance the experiences of persons engaging in outdoor recreation in this state. [2017 c.678 §2]


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