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ORS 431A.060
Designation of trauma areas

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With the advice of the State Trauma Advisory Board, the Oregon Health Authority shall:


Develop and monitor a statewide trauma system; and


Designate within the state, trauma areas consistent with local resources, geography and current patient referral patterns.


Each trauma area shall have:


Central medical control for all field care and transportation consistent with geographic and current communications capability.


The development of triage protocols.


One or more hospitals categorized according to trauma care capabilities using standards adopted by the authority by rule. Such rules shall be modeled after the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma standards.


The establishment of area trauma advisory boards to develop trauma system plans for each trauma area.


On and after July 1, 1986, the authority may designate trauma system hospitals in accordance with area trauma advisory board plans which meet state objectives and standards.


Trauma system plans shall be implemented by June 30, 1987, in Health Systems Area I, and June 30, 1988, in Health Systems Areas II and III. [Formerly 431.609]


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