Public Health Programs and Activities

ORS 431A.360
Lead poisoning prevention clearinghouse for schools


The Oregon Health Authority shall develop and maintain a lead poisoning prevention clearinghouse on its website for public and private schools that provide instruction at levels kindergarten through grade 12 in order to provide these schools with information about:


The dangers to students posed by the exposure to lead; and


How to best protect students from the hazards posed by lead-based paint.


In order to provide the information described in subsection (1) of this section, the clearinghouse must include:


Information about the adverse health effects from exposure to lead;


Information about the common sources of exposure to lead;


Tips regarding how to recognize hazards posed by lead-based paint;


Information about how to safely paint, or renovate, a school and thereby prevent exposure to lead;


A list of this state’s laws and rules relating to lead-based paint;


Tips about how to comply with this state’s laws and rules relating to lead-based paint;


Information about how to maintain a school and keep it safe from the dangers posed by lead-based paint; and


Resources and education materials concerning how to prevent students from being exposed to lead-based paint. [Formerly 431.926]


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Jun. 26, 2021