ORS 447.233
Accessible parking space requirements

  • inspection of spaces
  • violation


The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall include in the state building code, as defined in ORS 455.010 (Definitions for ORS chapter 455), a requirement that the number of accessible parking spaces specified in subsection (2) of this section be provided for affected buildings subject to the state building code and that the spaces be signed as required by subsection (2) of this section. Spaces may also be marked in a manner specified in the state building code.


(a) The number of accessible parking spaces shall be:

Required Required
Required Minimum Number Minimum Number of
Total Parking Minimum Number of of Van "Wheelchair User
In Lot Accessible Spaces Accessible Spaces Only" Spaces
1 to 25 1 1 -
26 to 50 2 1 -
51 to 75 3 1 -
76 to 100 4 1 -
101 to 150 5 - 1
151 to 200 6 - 1
201 to 300 7 - 1
301 to 400 8 - 1
401 to 500 9 - 2
501 to 1,000 2% of total - 1 in every 8
accessible spaces or
portion thereof
1,001 and over 20 plus 1 for each - 1 in every 8
100 over 1,000 accessible spaces or
portion thereof


In addition, one in every eight accessible spaces, but not less than one, shall be van accessible. Where five or more parking spaces are designated accessible, any space that is designated as van accessible shall be reserved for wheelchair users. A van accessible parking space shall be at least nine feet wide and shall have an adjacent access aisle that is at least eight feet wide.


Accessible parking spaces shall be at least nine feet wide and shall have an adjacent access aisle that is at least six feet wide.


The access aisle shall be located on the passenger side of the parking space except that two adjacent accessible parking spaces may share a common access aisle.


A sign shall be posted for each accessible parking space. The sign shall be clearly visible to a person parking in the space, shall be marked with the International Symbol of Access and shall indicate that the spaces are reserved for persons with disabled person parking permits. A van accessible parking space shall have an additional sign marked “Van Accessible” mounted below the sign. A van accessible parking space reserved for wheelchair users shall have a sign that includes the words “Wheelchair User Only.”


Accessible parking spaces and signs shall be designed in compliance with the standards set forth by the Oregon Transportation Commission in consultation with the Oregon Disabilities Commission.


No ramp or obstacle may extend into the parking space or the aisle, and curb cuts and ramps may not be situated in such a way that they could be blocked by a legally parked vehicle.


Parking spaces required by this section shall be maintained so as to meet the requirements of this section at all times and to meet the standards established by the state building code.


The director is authorized to inspect parking spaces and facilities and buildings subject to the provisions of this section, and to do whatever is necessary to enforce the requirements, including the maintenance requirements, of this section. Municipalities and counties may administer and enforce the requirements of this section in the manner provided under ORS 455.148 (Comprehensive municipal building inspection programs) or 455.150 (Selective municipal building inspection programs) for administration and enforcement of specialty codes. All plans for parking spaces subject to the provisions of this section must be approved by the director prior to the creation of the spaces.


Requirements adopted under this section do not apply to long-term parking facilities at the Portland International Airport.


Any reported violation of this section shall be investigated by the administrative authority. The administrative authority shall make a final decision and order correction, if necessary, within 30 days of notification. Any aggrieved person may appeal within 30 days of the decision by the administrative authority to the appropriate municipal appeals board or, at the option of the local jurisdiction, directly to the Building Codes Structures Board established under ORS 455.132 (Building Codes Structures Board). The appeal shall be acted upon within 60 days of filing. The decision of the municipal appeals board may be appealed to the board. The board shall act on the appeal within 60 days of filing. All appeals to the board shall be filed in accordance with ORS 455.690 (Appeal to advisory boards). [1979 c.809 §2; 1981 c.275 §1; 1983 c.338 §930; 1987 c.187 §1; 1989 c.243 §15; 1991 c.741 §6; 1993 c.503 §8; 1993 c.744 §77; 2001 c.573 §5; 2007 c.468 §1]
§§ 447.210 to 447.280

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Chapter 447

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