ORS 497.400
Prohibited conduct

No person shall:


Apply for, obtain or possess for personal use or for the use of any other person more licenses, tags or permits issued by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission than are authorized for personal use during the current year by the wildlife laws and rules promulgated pursuant thereto.


Alter, borrow, loan or transfer to another person any license, tag or permit issued by the commission.


In applying for a license, tag or permit issued by the commission, knowingly make any false statement of any information required by the application regarding the person in whose name the license, tag or permit is to be issued.


Possess any license, tag or permit that has been altered, borrowed, loaned or transferred or for which any false statements were knowingly made in applying therefor.


Apply for or obtain any license, tag or permit issued by the commission when civil damages due pursuant to ORS 496.705 (Damage suits for unlawful killing of wildlife), moneys due the State Department of Fish and Wildlife from court-ordered restitutions for violations of the wildlife laws or moneys due the commission under ORS 496.992 (Penalties) (14) have not been paid. [1973 c.723 §70; 1981 c.108 §2; 1987 c.213 §3; 2018 c.14 §2; 2019 c.274 §3]

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