Pest Control

ORS 527.770
Good faith compliance with best management practices not violation of water quality standards

  • subsequent enforcement of standards

A forest operator conducting, or in good faith proposing to conduct, operations in accordance with best management practices currently in effect shall not be considered in violation of any water quality standards. When the State Board of Forestry adopts new best management practices and other rules applying to forest operations, such rules shall apply to all current or proposed forest operations upon their effective dates. However, nothing in this section prevents enforcement of water quality standards against a forest operator conducting operations after the time provided in ORS 527.765 (Best management practices to maintain water quality) (3)(e) for adoption of revised best management practices if the board either has not adopted revised management practices or has not made a finding that such revised best management practices are not required. [1991 c.919 §21; 2003 c.749 §12]
Chapter 527

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of State Forester to enter private lands to administer Forest Practices Act, (1978) Vol 38, p 17


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