Reclamation Projects

ORS 555.500

  • purpose
  • general powers


Contiguous territory that is not within the corporate boundaries of a city may be formed into, or included in, a sand control district as provided by ORS 555.500 (Formation) to 555.535 (Application of ORS chapter 255) and provisions of ORS 198.705 (Definitions for ORS 198) to 198.955 (Disposition of assets) that are not inconsistent with ORS 555.500 (Formation) to 555.535 (Application of ORS chapter 255).


A sand control district may be created for the purpose of controlling or moving drifting sand within the district or removing drifting sand from within the district. The sand control district may:


Make contracts.


Acquire, hold, receive and dispose of real and personal property.


Sue and be sued.


Exercise the power of eminent domain.


Raise revenue by levying, assessing and collecting taxes on taxable real property within the district under ordinances adopted, amended or repealed under ORS 198.510 (Definitions for ORS 198) to 198.600 (Penalty for violation of regulations).


Take action necessary to carry out the purposes and perform the duties of the district.


Plans and actions of the district must comply with the requirements of county ordinances. [2015 c.560 §1]


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