Limited Liability Companies

ORS 63.101
Registered name


A foreign limited liability company may apply to the office to register its name.


The application must set forth the limited liability company name, the state or country of its organization, the date of its organization and a brief description of the nature of the business in which it is engaged and a statement that it is not carrying on or doing business in the State of Oregon. The application must be accompanied by a certificate of existence or a document of similar import current within 60 days of delivery, duly authenticated by the official having custody of the limited liability company records in the state or country under whose law it is organized.


If the Secretary of State finds that the name conforms to ORS 63.094 (Limited liability company name), the Secretary of State shall register the name effective for one year. [1993 c.173 §23]
Chapter 63

Law Review Citations

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