Oregon Trade Regulation
ORS 646A.370
Definitions for ORS 646A.370 to 646A.374

As used in ORS 646A.370 (Definitions for ORS 646A.370 to 646A.374) to 646A.374 (Prohibited actions):


“Automatic dialing and announcing device” means an automated device that selects and dials telephone numbers and that, working alone or in conjunction with another device, disseminates a prerecorded or synthesized voice message to the telephone number that the device calls.


“Call” means an attempt made to contact or a contact made with a subscriber by means of a telephone or telephone line.


“Caller” means a person that attempts to contact or that contacts a subscriber by using a telephone or telephone line.


“Caller identification service” means a telephone service that permits subscribers to see a caller’s telephone number before answering the telephone.


“Debt buyer” means a person that engages in the business of purchasing delinquent or charged-off debt for the purpose of collecting the debt.


“Established business relationship” means a previous transaction or series of transactions between a caller and a subscriber that occurred within the 18 months preceding a call.


“Subscriber” means an individual who has obtained residential or wireless telephone services from a telecommunications provider, or a person who resides with the individual. [2007 c.823 §1; 2015 c.561 §1]
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