Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions

ORS 659A.253
Restriction of access to employee housing owned or controlled by employer prohibited

  • telephone accessibility


Employers shall not restrict access by authorized persons or invited persons to any housing owned, rented or in any manner controlled by the employer where employees are residing. Authorized persons or invited persons must announce their presence on the premises upon request. Authorized persons shall, upon request, provide credentials identifying the person as representing a qualifying agency or organization.


(a) A person need not disclose to the employer the name of the employee who issued the invitation prior to gaining access to the housing, but an invited person must do so in order to assert a right to access as an invited person in any judicial proceeding concerning the right to access provided in this section. If an invited person does not disclose the name of the inviter to the employer, the employer may deny access until the invited person obtains an order pursuant to ORS 659A.262 (Warrant on behalf of person entitled to access to housing).


Invited persons shall not be allowed to enter work areas or to interfere with any employee’s work or performance of duties on behalf of the employer.


(a) The employer shall ensure to the employees residing in housing owned or controlled by an employer and occupied by employees the availability of:


A reasonably accessible operating telephone, whether pay or private, available 24 hours a day for emergency use; and


An operating telephone, whether pay or private, located within two miles of the housing, accessible and available so as to provide reasonable opportunity for private use by employees.


An employer may request a waiver from the requirements of paragraph (a) of this subsection if the employer demonstrates to the bureau that:


Compliance would constitute an unreasonable hardship for the employer; and


The camp meets any requirements established by the Department of Consumer and Business Services for an emergency medical plan.


A complaint may not be filed under ORS 659A.820 (Complaints) for violations of this section. [Formerly 659.285]

(formerly 659.285)

Notes of Decisions

Landowner may verify fact that person coming on property has been invited by resident by requiring invitee to reveal source of invitation. Martinez v. Tankersley, 92 Or App 526, 759 P2d 323 (1988)

§§ 659A.250 to 659A.262

(formerly 659.280 to 659.290)

Law Review Citations

26 WLR 394-395 (1990)

§§ 659A.150 to 659A.186

Notes of Decisions

Termination of employment in retaliation for invoking Oregon Family Leave Act rights constitutes wrongful discharge in violation of public policy. Yeager v. Providence Health System Oregon, 195 Or App 134, 96 P3d 862 (2004), Sup Ct review denied


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