Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions

ORS 659A.815
Advisory agencies and intergroup-relations councils


The Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries shall create such advisory agencies and intergroup-relations councils as the commissioner believes necessary to aid in effectuating the purposes of this chapter. The commissioner may empower advisory agencies and councils:


To study the problems of discrimination in all or specific fields of human relationships or in specific instances of discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age, disability, familial status or source of income.


To foster, through community effort or otherwise, goodwill, cooperation and conciliation among the groups and elements of the population of the state.


To make recommendations to the commissioner for the development of policies and procedures in general and in specific instances, and for programs of formal and informal education.


The advisory agencies and councils shall be composed of representative citizens, serving without pay, but with reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses in accordance with laws and regulations governing state officers.


The commissioner may make provision for technical and clerical assistance to the advisory agencies and councils and for the expenses of the assistance. [Formerly 659.115; 2007 c.100 §11]

(formerly 659.115)

Notes of Decisions

Commissioner was authorized to appoint advisory committee under Cease and Desist Order to communicate contents of order to minority communities and to advise and make recommendations to Bureau of Labor regarding progress made and reports filed under order. Sterling v. Klamath Forest Protective Assn., 19 Or App 383, 528 P2d 574 (1974)

Where employer refused to reinstate employe following recovery from job related injury a cause of action was stated under this section and there was no conflict with federal law requiring exhaustion of grievance procedures because employe was seeking vindication of statutory rights and not remedy for breach of employment contract. Vaughn v. Pacific Northwest Bell, 40 Or App 427, 595 P2d 829 (1979), aff'd 289 Or 73, 611 P2d 281 (1980)

§§ 659A.250 to 659A.262

(formerly 659.280 to 659.290)

Law Review Citations

26 WLR 394-395 (1990)

§§ 659A.150 to 659A.186

Notes of Decisions

Termination of employment in retaliation for invoking Oregon Family Leave Act rights constitutes wrongful discharge in violation of public policy. Yeager v. Providence Health System Oregon, 195 Or App 134, 96 P3d 862 (2004), Sup Ct review denied


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