Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Services Providers

ORS 682.062
County plan for ambulance and emergency medical services

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Each county shall develop a plan for the county or two or more contiguous counties may develop a plan relating to the need for and coordination of ambulance services and establish one or more ambulance service areas consistent with the plan for the efficient and effective provision of ambulance services.


Each person, city or rural fire protection district within the county that provides or desires to provide ambulance services shall notify the county in writing if the person, city or district wants to be consulted prior to the adoption or amendment of a county plan for ambulance services.


Prior to adopting or amending a plan under subsection (1) of this section, a county shall notify each person, city or district that notified the county under subsection (2) of this section of its desire to be consulted. The county governing body shall consult with and seek advice from such persons, cities and districts with regard to the plan and to the boundaries of any ambulance service areas established under the plan. After such consultation, the county shall adopt or amend a plan in the same manner as the county enacts nonemergency ordinances.


Any plan developed and any service area established pursuant to subsection (1) of this section shall be submitted to the Oregon Health Authority.


The authority, in consultation with the appropriate bodies specified in subsection (1) of this section, shall adopt rules pursuant to ORS chapter 183 that specify those subjects to be addressed and considered in any plan for ambulance services and areas under subsection (1) of this section and those subjects to be addressed and considered in the adoption of any such plan. The rules shall be uniform, as far as practicable, but take into consideration unique circumstances of local districts.


The authority shall review a plan submitted under subsection (4) of this section for compliance with the rules of the authority adopted under subsection (5) of this section. Not later than 60 days after receiving the plan, the authority shall approve the plan if it complies with the rules or disapprove the plan. The authority shall give written notice of such action to the county and, when a plan is not approved, the notice shall indicate specifically how the plan does not comply with the rules of the authority. The county shall modify the plan to comply with the rules and shall submit the modified plan to the authority for review under this subsection.


The rules adopted under subsection (5) of this section shall be enforceable by the authority in a proceeding in circuit court for equitable relief.


This section does not require a county to establish more than one ambulance service area within the county. [Formerly 682.205; 2009 c.595 §1073]

Notes of Decisions

This section permits counties to establish single countywide ambulance service area and Portland City charter provision proscribing exclusive franchise is simply inapplicable to county function of regulation of ambulances. Care Ambulance Co., Inc. v. Multnomah County, 97 Or App 618, 777 P2d 997 (1989), Sup Ct review denied

Attorney General Opinions

County authority to dispatch emergency personnel or vehicles other than ambulances or ambulance attendants, (1980) Vol 40, p 240


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