Vehicle Title and Registration

ORS 803.500
Registration card

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The Department of Transportation shall furnish for each vehicle and camper registered by the department, a registration card that shows all of the following information:


The name of the registered owner.


The make.


The year model.


The vehicle identification number as denoted by the title issued for the vehicle or camper.


The mileage of the vehicle as reported to the department at the time the most recent title transfer was reported to the department, or the mileage reported to the department at the time the vehicle was initially titled in Oregon, whichever occurred last.


The word “totaled” if the vehicle has been reported to the department as a totaled vehicle under the provisions of ORS 819.012 (Failure to follow procedures for a totaled vehicle) or 819.014 (Insurer failure to follow procedures for totaled vehicle), unless the reason for the report was theft and the vehicle has been recovered.


Any other information required by the department.


Notwithstanding subsection (7) of this section, after receiving the registration card from the department, the registered owner may black out or otherwise obscure the residence address, business address, mailing address or vehicle address shown on the registration card. No other information on the registration card may be blacked out or otherwise obscured. [1983 c.338 §254; 1985 c.251 §25; 1985 c.253 §6; 1985 c.668 §11; 1989 c.43 §26; 1991 c.820 §10; 1991 c.873 §16a; 1993 c.233 §49; 1993 c.751 §93; 2017 c.471 §1]
Chapter 803

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to fees imposed under this chapter, (1991) Vol 46, p 447


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