Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure

ORCP 78 - Order or judgment for specific acts



A Judgment requiring performance considered equivalent thereto. A judgment requiring a party to make a conveyance, transfer, release, acquittance, or other like act within a period therein specified shall, if such party does not comply with the judgment, be deemed to be equivalent thereto.

B Enforcement; contempt. The court or judge thereof may enforce an order or judgment directing a party to perform a specific act by punishing the party refusing or neglecting to comply therewith, as for a contempt as provided in ORS 33.015 to 33.155.

C Application. Section B of this rule does not apply to an order or judgment for the payment of money, except orders and judgments for the payment of sums ordered pursuant to ORS 107.095 and 107.105 (1)(i), and money for support, maintenance, nurture, education, or attorney fees, in:

C(1) Actions for dissolution or annulment of marriage or separation from bed and board.

C(2) Proceedings upon support orders entered under ORS chapter 108, 109 or 110, or under ORS 416.400 to 416.465, 419B.400 or 419C.590.

[CCP 12/13/80; 1985 c.610 § 1; § C amended by CCP 12/13/86; § B amended by 1991 c.724 § 31; § D repealed by 1991 c.724 § 32; § C amended by 1993 c.33 § 365; § C amended by 1995 c.608 § 41; § C amended by 2003 c.14 § 14; § C amended by 2007 c.71 § 4.]