Rule Rule 104-060-0050
Certification of Schools or Courses


The Coordinator may certify schools or courses as adequate to effectively provide one or more approved subjects based on an examination and evaluation of course curriculum and instructors.


On-site evaluations may be conducted by the Coordinator.


Agencies, organizations, community colleges, or individuals requesting course certification shall submit an application at least 30 day prior to the start of the course. The Coordinator may waive the time requirement at his/her discretion.


Course certification shall remain in force for two years unless significant changes occur as a result of review or legislative mandate.


After certification, any changes in the course or instructors must be approved by the Coordinator.


The requesting agency has the responsibility for administering the course and overseeing the preparation of curriculum to insure its compliance with the requirements.


The Coordinator shall not certify courses after they have been completed. Records of attendance for courses or training not certified in advance may be maintained by individual agencies as in-service training.
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