Rule Rule 111-005-0015
Renewal, Screening and Selection for Benefits, Vendor and Personal Services Contracts


The Board is charged with the obligation of obtaining Benefit Plans for Eligible Employees, Dependents, Eligible Domestic Partners, and Eligible Early Retirees. Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) 111-005-0040 (Extensive Procurement Process) through 111-005-0080 (Contract Amendments) set forth the screening, selection, and renewal processes to be used for all such Benefit Plans. The Board has sole authority to procure all Benefit Plans and services contemplated by ORS 243.860 (Definitions for ORS 243.860 to 243.886) through ORS 243.886 (Limitations on district participation in benefit plans).


Except as provided in OARs 111-005-0040 (Extensive Procurement Process) through 111-005-0080 (Contract Amendments), the Board adopts the DOJ model public contract rules in OAR 137, division 46 (General Provisions Related to Public Contracting) and division 47 (Public Procurements for Goods or Services) as the contracting rules that shall apply to its Contracts.
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