Rule Rule 111-080-0005
Overpayments and Underpayments


For the purpose of this rule:


“Overpayment” means the amount of an Entity’s monthly payment to OEBB that exceeded the amount due.


“Underpayment” means a payment submitted by an Entity that is less than the invoiced amount.


Entities seeking a refund of overpayments must:


Notify OEBB within 90 calendar days from the date overpayment occurred;


OEBB will resolve member overpayments by requesting a refund from the carrier in accordance with the law. The carrier shall refund the premium to OEBB back to the date of the termination or the date allowed by law for recoupment of paid claims.


OEBB will generally reimburse Entity overpayments through adjustments to future monthly payments.


The Entity shall submit any underpayment to OEBB as soon as it is discovered.


OEBB reserves the right to issue surcharges or use other appropriate means for Entities that submit underpayments.
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Jul. 11, 2020