ORS 279C.355
Evaluation of public improvement projects not contracted by competitive bidding


Upon completion of and final payment for any public improvement contract, or class of public improvement contracts, in excess of $100,000 for which the contracting agency did not use the competitive bidding process, the contracting agency shall prepare and deliver to the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, the local contract review board or, for public improvement contracts described in ORS 279A.050 (Procurement authority) (3)(b), the Director of Transportation an evaluation of the public improvement contract or the class of public improvement contracts.


The evaluation must include but is not limited to the following matters:


The actual project cost as compared with original project estimates;


The amount of any guaranteed maximum price;


The number of project change orders issued by the contracting agency;


A narrative description of successes and failures during the design, engineering and construction of the project; and


An objective assessment of the use of the alternative contracting process as compared to the findings required by ORS 279C.335 (Competitive bidding).


The evaluations required by this section:


Must be made available for public inspection; and


Must be completed within 30 days of the date the contracting agency accepts:


The public improvement project; or


The last public improvement project if the project falls within a class of public improvement contracts. [2003 c.794 §111; 2003 c.794 §112; 2007 c.764 §§22,23]

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