ORS 279C.405
Requests for information, interest or qualifications
  • requirements for requests for proposals


A contracting agency may issue a request for information, a request for interest, a request for qualifications or other preliminary documents to obtain information useful in the preparation or distribution of a request for proposals.


In addition to the general requirements of ORS 279C.365 (Requirements for solicitation documents and bids and proposals), a contracting agency preparing a request for proposals shall include:


All required contractual terms and conditions. The request for proposals also may:


Identify those contractual terms or conditions the contracting agency reserves, in the request for proposals, for negotiation with proposers;


Request that proposers propose contractual terms and conditions that relate to subject matter reasonably identified in the request for proposals; and


Contain or incorporate the form and content of the contract that the contracting agency will accept, or suggested contract terms and conditions that nevertheless may be the subject of negotiations with proposers.


The method of contractor selection, which may include but is not limited to award without negotiation, negotiation with the highest ranked proposer, competitive negotiations, multiple-tiered competition designed either to identify a class of proposers that fall within a competitive range or to otherwise eliminate from consideration a class of lower ranked proposers, or any combination of methods, as authorized or prescribed by rules adopted under ORS 279A.065 (Model rules generally).


All evaluation factors that will be considered by the contracting agency when evaluating the proposals, including the relative importance of price and any other evaluation factors. [2003 c.794 §130; 2007 c.764 §30]

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