ORS 279C.414
Requirements for competitive quotes


Rules adopted under ORS 279A.065 (Model rules generally) to govern competitive quotes shall require the contracting agency to seek at least three informally solicited competitive price quotes from prospective contractors. The contracting agency shall keep a written record of the sources and amounts of the quotes received. If three quotes are not reasonably available, fewer will suffice, but in that event the contracting agency shall make a written record of the effort made to obtain the quotes.


If a contract is to be awarded by competitive quotes, the contracting agency shall award the contract to the prospective contractor whose quote will best serve the interests of the contracting agency, taking into account price as well as any other applicable factors such as, but not limited to, experience, specific expertise, availability, project understanding, contractor capacity and responsibility. If an award is not made to the prospective contractor offering the lowest price quote, the contracting agency shall make a written record of the basis for award. [2003 c.794 §133]

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