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ORS 468A.272
Fuel supply forecast

  • forecast review team


The division of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services that serves as office of economic analysis shall annually coordinate with the Department of Environmental Quality to develop a fuel supply forecast to project the availability of fuels to Oregon necessary for compliance with the low carbon fuel standards. The fuel supply forecast shall include, but need not be limited to, the following with reference to the next compliance period of the clean fuels program:


An estimate of the potential volumes of gasoline, gasoline substitutes and gasoline alternatives and diesel, diesel fuel substitutes and diesel alternatives available to Oregon;


An estimate of the total banked credits and carried over deficits held by regulated parties, credit generators and credit aggregators at the beginning of the compliance period and an estimate of the total credits attributable to fuels described in paragraph (a) of this subsection;


An estimate of the credits needed to meet the scheduled applicable low carbon fuel standard during the forecast compliance period; and


A comparison of the estimates under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subsection with the estimate under paragraph (c) of this subsection to indicate the availability of fuels needed for compliance with the low carbon fuel standards.


In developing the estimate required under subsection (1)(a) of this section, the division shall consider, but need not be limited to considering:


Constraints that may be preventing access to available and cost-effective low carbon fuels by Oregon, such as geographic and logistical factors, and alleviating factors to the constraints; and


The existing and future vehicle fleet in Oregon.


The division may appoint, in coordination with the Department of Environmental Quality, a forecast review team of relevant experts to participate in the fuel supply forecast or examination of data required by this section. The team may perform any functions assigned by the division, including but not limited to consulting on the design of the forecast. The forecast required by this section must be completed and provided to the department no later than 90 calendar days before the commencement of the compliance period for which the forecast is developed. [2017 c.750 §163]
§§ 468A.350 to 468A.400

(formerly 468.360 to 468.405)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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