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ORS 468A.801
Clean Diesel Engine Fund

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The Clean Diesel Engine Fund is established in the State Treasury separate and distinct from the General Fund. Interest earned by the Clean Diesel Engine Fund shall be credited to the fund. The moneys in the fund are continuously appropriated to the Department of Environmental Quality to be used for the purposes described in ORS 468A.803 (Uses of Clean Diesel Engine Fund).


The Clean Diesel Engine Fund consists of:


Funds appropriated by the Legislative Assembly;


Grants provided by the federal government pursuant to the federal Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq., or other federal laws;


Moneys paid to the State of Oregon pursuant to the Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement;


Any other moneys received by the state for the purpose of providing financial and technical assistance to owners or operators of diesel engines for the purpose of reducing emissions from diesel engines; and


Any moneys deposited in the fund from any other public or private source. [2007 c.855 §9; 2017 c.742 §7]
§§ 468A.350 to 468A.400

(formerly 468.360 to 468.405)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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