Reauthorizing and Decommissioning Hydroelectric Projects

ORS 543A.410
Fee schedule

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All expenses incurred by the Hydroelectric Application Review Team and its participating agencies that are charged to or allocated to the fee paid by an applicant shall be necessary, just and reasonable. Upon request, the team shall provide the applicant with a detailed justification for all charges. Not later than January 1 of each year, the Water Resources Director by order shall establish a schedule of fees that those persons submitting a notice of intent must submit under ORS 543A.030 (Notice of intent) or 543A.075 (Notice of intent to apply for reauthorization of right to use water for hydroelectric purposes). The fee schedule shall be designed to recover the actual costs of evaluating the notice of intent. Fees shall be based on actual, historical costs incurred by the team and its participating agencies to the extent historical costs are available. The fees established by the schedule shall reflect the size and complexity of the project for which a notice of intent is submitted.


If a dispute arises regarding the necessity or reasonableness of expenses charged to or allocated to the fee paid by an applicant, and if the dispute is not resolved by the directors of the affected agencies, the applicant may seek judicial review in circuit court of the amount of expenses charged or allocated as provided in ORS 183.480 (Judicial review of agency orders), 183.484 (Jurisdiction for review of orders other than contested cases), 183.490 (Agency may be compelled to act) and 183.500 (Appeals). If the applicant establishes that any of the charges or allocations are unnecessary or unreasonable, the amount found to be unnecessary or unreasonable shall be refunded to the applicant. The applicant shall not waive the right to judicial review by paying the portion of the fee or expense in dispute. [1997 c.449 §34]


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