Rule Rule 101-002-0005
Powers and Duties of the Board


Pursuant to ORS 243.125 (Powers and duties of board), it will be within the powers and duties of the Board to study all matters connected with providing adequate benefit plan coverage for Eligible Employees on the best basis possible with relation both to the welfare of the employees and to the state.


The Board will design benefit plans, devise specifications, invite proposals, analyze responses to requests for proposals, decide on the award of contracts for benefit plan coverage of Eligible Employees.


The Board seeks optimal health for PEBB’s members through a system of care that is patient-centered, focused on wellness, coordinated, efficient, effective, accessible, and affordable. The Board will place emphasis on:


Employee choice among high quality benefit plans;


A competitive marketplace;


Benefit plan performance and information;


Employer flexibility in benefit plan design and contracting;


Quality customer services;


Creativity and innovation;


Benefit plans as part of total employee compensation;


The improvement of employee health;


An innovative delivery system;


A focus on improving quality and outcomes;


Promotion of health and wellness;


Appropriate provider, health plan, and consumer incentives;


Accessible and understandable information about costs, outcomes, and other health data, and;


Benefits that are affordable to the state and employees.


The Board may retain consultants, brokers, or other advisory personnel as it determines necessary; and subject to the State Personnel Relations Law, will employ such personnel as are required to perform the functions of the Board.


The Board may delegate authority to the Administrator and Staff to complete duties described in (2)–(4) above.
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