Rule Rule 101-020-0012
Working in Two or More Positions or for Two or More PEBB Participating Organizations


An individual working in two or more positions or for two or more PEBB participating organizations must work at least half-time or be in a current benefit eligible stability period to be eligible for PEBB-sponsored benefit plans. A benefit eligible employee in a job share position is not required to work at least half-time to meet benefit eligibility.


An eligible employee cannot receive more benefits than what one full time employee is eligible for. An eligible employee working in two or more positions may enroll for benefits through only one position.


The eligible employee’s enrollment will be completed with the PEBB participating organization with the highest percentage of FTE position.


When the employee’s FTE percentages with more than one PEBB participating organization are equal, the employee enrolls through the organization with the earlier appointment date.


When the employee has equal FTE percentages and simultaneous dates of employment with two or more PEBB participating organizations, the employee may choose the organization to enroll through.
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Sep. 18, 2020