Rule Rule 101-050-0015
Retiree Returning to Work for a PEBB Participating Organization in a Benefit Eligible Status


A retiree returning to work within a PEBB participating organization in a benefit eligible position is eligible for active employee PEBB benefit plans. Insurance coverage must be continuous between active employee benefit plans and retiree plans.


A retiree returning to paid regular status within 12 months will have their previous enrollment for medical, dental, life and disability insurance reinstated the first of the month following their return to work.


A retiree returning to paid regular status 12 months after an active insurance coverage end date must enroll as a newly eligible employee. There is no second guarantee issue of long-term care insurance.


A retiree either enrolling as a new hire or being reinstated to active employee optional life insurance must cancel retiree life that was ported from PEBB when the employee retired.


A retiree enrolled in a PEBB retiree insurance plan may suspend the retiree insurance coverage when enrolled as an active employee in PEBB benefit plans. The employee must notify and request the retiree plan administrator to suspend the retiree coverage.


A retiree receiving a state premium subsidy; e.g, early retirement premium subsidy that returns to active employee status as benefit eligible but chooses to continue coverage under a PEBB retiree or COBRA plan is not eligible to opt out and receive cash in lieu of active employee medical benefits.
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Jan. 21, 2021