OAR 105-050-0030
Injured Worker Preference for Entry-Level Positions




Agency-at-injury: The state agency that employed the injured worker when the compensable injury occurred.


Attending Physician: The physician primarily responsible for the injured worker’s care related to the compensable condition in the workers’ compensation claim.


Independent and semi-independent agencies: State executive branch agencies not subject to all of ORS 240.


Entry-level position: All limited competitive and non-competitive appointment classifications listed in OAR 105-040-0060; all classifications defined as entry in their title; single-level classifications and the first level of a classification series.


Injured workers who make a timely demand for reemployment to available, suitable employment in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule 839-006-0135 (Injured Workers: Reemployment Under ORS 659A.046) may also request consideration for permanent appointment to entry-level positions.


The injured worker, seeking such reemployment, submits a written request to the agency-at-injury noting the specific entry-level positions to which he or she seeks appointment along with an updated employment application form.


An agency-at-injury, subject to ORS 240, after receiving an eligible injured worker’s request for permanent reemployment in a suitable or entry-level position, places the injured worker on the injured worker list for suitable and entry-level positions.


The Chief Human Resources Office provides relevant information to semi-independent and independent state agencies regarding the injured workers who are eligible for reemployment to available, suitable, and entry-level positions.


Independent and semi-independent state agencies give priority consideration according to subsection (2)(f) of this rule, to injured workers from other executive branch agencies who make a timely demand for reemployment.


CHRO places workers injured in an independent or semi-independent agency on the injured worker list for appropriate classifications following receipt of notice from an independent or semi-independent agency of the injured worker’s timely demand for reemployment to suitable and entry-level positions.


All executive branch agencies, when filling vacancies, subject to the restrictions of an applicable collective bargaining agreement, offer entry-level and suitable positions to injured workers who meet the minimum and special qualifications of the position and can perform the duties within permanent restrictions.
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Source: Rule 105-050-0030 — Injured Worker Preference for Entry-Level Positions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=105-050-0030.

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