Rule Rule 111-030-0011
Bronze Medical Plan Offering


Effective October 1, 2015, a bronze medical plan option or options will be available for entities to offer employees who:


Meet the definition of a full-time employee under the Affordable Care Act (ACA);


Are not employed in a benefit-eligible position or eligible for benefits under a collective bargaining agreement; and


Do not receive any form of benefit contribution from the entity.


The bronze medical plan option(s) will be limited to;


Employee only and employee plus child(ren) coverage using the tiered rate structure; and


Active employees as described in section (1) and COBRA participants eligible due to loss of coverage as an active employee, or dependent of an active employee, as described in section (1).


The bronze medical plan availability, enrollments and application of criteria set forth in sections (1) and (2) are subject to ongoing monitoring and review by OEBB to confirm compliance.


Employees eligible for coverage on the bronze medical plan option(s) may not be offered or enroll in any of the following OEBB benefits as an eligible subscriber: dental, vision, life, AD&D, disability, long term care or any other medical plan offered through OEBB.


Employees eligible for coverage on the bronze medical plan option(s) may be included in an entity’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if available, and at the entity’s discretion.


Use of the bronze medical plan option or options for any other purpose or by any unauthorized employee or employee group is prohibited and misuse of the options will result in loss of access to the bronze medical plan option(s).
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