Rule Rule 111-040-0015
Removing an Ineligible Individual from Benefit Plans


An employee who enrolls them self and/or an eligible person is responsible for removing spouses, domestic partners and children from their OEBB-sponsored benefit plans by submitting completed, applicable forms to their Entity benefits administrator within 31 calendar days after the date the individual becomes ineligible. Coverage ends on the date identified under OAR 111-040-0005 (Termination Dates).


An Entity is responsible for removing ineligible individuals from the OEBB benefits management system. The Entity must complete such removal within 14 calendar days after:


An event resulting in loss of the employee’s eligibility, or


The receipt of notification of an event resulting in loss of eligibility of the employee’s spouse, domestic partner or child.


If coverage of an employee’s spouse, domestic partner or child is terminated retroactively then:


The employee may be responsible for claims previously paid by the benefit plans to the providers during the period of ineligibility at the carrier’s discretion; and


Premium adjustments will be made retroactively based on the coverage end date.


OEBB shall conduct eligibility verifications and reviews to monitor compliance with OEBB administrative rules governing eligibility and enrollment. Eligibility reviews may occur at different times throughout the plan year. The member is responsible to submit documentation upon request. In the event the member does not provide the required documentation in a timely manner to sufficiently prove the dependent meets eligibility requirements, or the documentation provided is insufficient, the dependent’s coverage will be terminated. Retroactive terminations may occur if the documentation provided shows the dependent was not eligible for coverage and the member misrepresented the dependent as being an eligible dependent as defined by OAR 111-080-0045 (Eligibility Violations).
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