Rule Rule 111-050-0015
Medical, Dental and Vision Termination Dates for Early Retirees


An Eligible Early Retiree enrolled in OEBB early retiree insurance plan that becomes eligible for Medicare coverage may not continue on an OEBB medical or vision plan, unless they are eligible as a result of end-stage renal disease. OEBB benefits end the last day of the month prior to the Medicare effective date. The retiree is responsible for reporting to their Entity and to OEBB when the retiree is covered by Medicare within 31 days after the Medicare coverage effective date. Failure to report within this timeframe may be considered intentional misrepresentation by OEBB and OEBB may rescind OEBB coverage back to the last day of the month prior to the Medicare effective date.


If an Eligible Early Retiree becomes eligible for Medicare coverage, but his or her currently-enrolled eligible dependents are not, these eligible individuals may continue OEBB medical, dental and vision insurance coverage until such time as they no longer meet OEBB eligibility requirements or become eligible for Medicare coverage for reasons other than end-stage renal disease, whichever occurs first. The eligible individuals must confirm intent to continue coverage with the retiree plan administrator within 31days after the retiree’s eligibility for Medicare.


Eligible dependents who were covered on a plan at the time of retirement who are eligible for Medicare, or who become eligible for Medicare, may not continue coverage on an OEBB medical or vision plan unless it is stated in a collective bargaining agreement or documented entity policy in effect on or before February 1, 2010, that they may continue on OEBB medical plans until the retiree becomes eligible for Medicare with the following exception: OEBB coverage must end for Medicare-eligible dependents of a retiree enrolled on a Kaiser Permanente medical plan.


If the Eligible Early Retiree is responsible for self-paying all or partial premiums and fails to remit the premium amount to their Entity, all coverage will terminate on the last day of the month in which premiums are paid in full to OEBB.


Dental coverage may be continued subject to the Entity’s documented policy or collective bargaining agreement. Coverage is based on the OEBB dental plans that the  Entity offers to retired OEBB Medicare-eligible individuals.
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