Rule Rule 111-065-0015
Early Retiree Payment Methods and Due Dates


Premium payments will be made through Direct Payment via ACH (ACH Debit) on the 2nd business day of the month unless otherwise prior authorized by designated OEBB staff.


As necessary, or upon written request of a participating Early Retiree, OEBB staff will review and determine if an alternative withdrawal date is warranted to avoid future payments being returned for Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) on a recurring basis.


OEBB will accept payment from early retirees by methods other than SCH Debit when specific exceptions apply:


The individual does not have an account with a financial institution within the United States;


The individual’s special circumstances, which OEBB will review on a case by case basis.


An Exception Request Form must be complete including the reason why or special circumstance that would not allow the member to submit payment via ACH Debit.


OEBB will review the request for exception, determine whether to allow or deny the exception, and notify the requesting party of its decision within 21 days of receipt of the request.


Notwithstanding OAR 111-065-0010 (OEBB Early Retiree Invoicing), all premium payments must be received on or before the 2nd business day of the month for the current month’s health care coverage. All payments will be subject to this due date.


If the Early Retiree has a checking account, but submits an Exception Request Form declining to use the Direct Debit payment method, a $35.00 processing fee shall be applied to the Early Retiree’s monthly premium.
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