Rule Rule 114-003-0010
Duties of the Local Screening Committee


Duties of the local screening committee shall consist of the following:


Publicizing the Ombudsman Program’s goals, needs and benefits;


Recruiting potential designees;


Screening potential designees, including checking references;


Referring approved applicants for designees to the Ombudsman within seven days of approval by the local screening committee;


Filing an annual report with the Ombudsman which includes, but is not limited to:


General activities conducted by the local screening committee;


The number of designee applicants screened;


The number of designee applicants approved;


The number of designees certified, assigned or serving as back up designees in the local screening committee’s area;


Problems or concerns of the local screening committee and recommendations to bring about resolution; and


Any other activities which have been approved by the Ombudsman and which promote the goals of the Ombudsman Program.


The local screening committee shall:


Interview applicants for designees within 21 days of the local screening committee’s receipt of application, whenever possible;


Vote on whether a designee applicant is recommended to the Ombudsman for appointment as a designee. The majority of the local screening committee or its subcommittee responsible for screening designee applicants must approve an applicant before recommending the applicant to the Ombudsman; and


Refer to the Ombudsman, the application of any designee applicant who is not approved by the local screening committee, with an explanation as to the reason for disapproval.
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