Rule Rule 115-035-0035
Answer to Complaint


Answer. A respondent shall have 14 days from date of service of the complaint in which to file an answer. All allegations in the complaint not denied by the answer, unless the respondent states in the answer that it is without knowledge, shall be deemed to be admitted to be true and shall be so found by the Board, unless good cause to the contrary is shown. Complainant shall be required to establish a prima facie case. The answer will be deemed sufficient if it generally denies all allegations of the complaint. Respondent’s answer shall specifically admit any undisputed allegations and shall set forth any affirmative defenses.


Supporting Data. At the time that the answer is filed, the respondent shall either submit a written statement setting forth its version of the relevant facts, or include such information in the body of the answer. This information shall include individuals involved (by name or initials), dates and places, together with any documentary evidence that may be relevant to the issues raised by the complaint or by the answer, including available information in support of any affirmative defenses.


Amendments. A respondent may amend its answer with the approval of the Board Agent. If an amendment is allowed, complainant shall be given a reasonable period of time to amend its complaint.
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