Rule Rule 115-060-0028
Posting Notice of Petition

Upon receipt of a petition under OAR 115-060-0000 (Representation Petitions), a Board Agent will cause a notice of the petition to be posted in the work areas granting maximum access to the employees in the existing or proposed unit. Copies of the notice shall be served on the private employer and any known exclusive representative. The notice shall set forth:


The name of the petitioning organization or employer;


A description of the unit involved; and


A statement that parties and interested persons will have 14 days from the date of the notice to file:


Objections to the appropriateness of the proposed unit;


Objections to the positions to be included or excluded;


Any other objections to the petition;


Petition to intervene as provided in OAR 115-060-0030 (Intervention).


Interested persons may notify the Board Agent of their objections. Upon good cause shown, the Board Agent may call an interested person as a witness.
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