Rule Rule 123-001-0700
Purpose, Scope and Definitions


OAR 123-001-0700 to 123-001-0750 establish procedural steps and options for handling appeals, in the manner of a contested case under ORS 183.310 to 183.550, when the Department denies:


An application for either preliminary certification or annual certification to exempt the taxable income of a facility under ORS 316.778 or 317.391 (see OAR 123-635), other than when denial results from objection to preliminary certification by the city, county or port; or


Any other application or request for which state law provides for appeal by contested case.


Except as otherwise provided under state law or elsewhere in this chapter of administrative rules, this rule and contested case provisions do not pertain to any other proceeding, hearing, determination or decision by the Department, Director, Commission or any subsidiary body.


OAR 123-001-0700 to 123-001-0750 are intended only to supplement mandatory elements of contested case proceedings under the Administrative Procedures Act for matters specific to the Department. Therefore, relevant parts of OAR 137-003 are hereby incorporated into and adopted as part of this division of administrative rules by reference.


For purposes of OAR 123-001-0700 to 123-001-0750, unless the context demands otherwise:


Applicant means the person (including but not limited to a business firm) that sought approval under section (1) of this rule, as identified in the application form or other submitted materials. This person is thus the affected party or appellant for purposes of the contested case, and the submitted address given in the form is assumed correct for mailing the Notice.


Notice means the formal written statement on Department letterhead that the Department initially sends to the Applicant, in accordance with OAR 123-001-0725.
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