Rule Rule 123-008-0020
Compliance with Planning Goals


The Department shall achieve Planning Goal compliance whenever possible by taking actions that are compatible with the applicable acknowledged comprehensive plan of a county or city government and land use regulations of this state and local zone ordinances.


However, if a situation arises that necessitates direct goal findings, because of potential or actual incompatibility under a local comprehensive plan or other reasons, as described in OAR 660-030-0065 (Agency Compliance with the Statewide Planning Goals)(3), the Department shall adhere to the following procedures, as formally as appropriate:


Confirm that a situation exists requiring the Department to adopt direct goal findings of compliance with one or more of Planning Goals;


Identify which Planning Goals or Goal requirements the Department must address;


Consult directly with affected jurisdictions;


Request interpretative guidance as needed from the Department of Land Conservation and Development or the Department of Justice;


Rely on any relevant goal interpretations for state agencies adopted in accordance with OAR chapter 660, whenever applicable; and


Adopt any necessary findings to ensure compliance with the Planning Goals.
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Aug. 7, 2020