OAR 123-011-0027


Authority for the day-to-day operation of the Economic Development Revenue Bond Program, including determination of eligibility, authorization of the issuance of bonds, adoption of inducement and bond resolutions and amendments thereto, is delegated to the Finance Committee.


The Finance Committee may adopt standards and procedures for the operation of the bond program. Such standards and procedures shall not be inconsistent with any part of this division.


The Department may send to each member of the Commission a summary of each project to be considered by the Finance Committee. If so, Commissioners shall receive such summaries in sufficient time to comment on the projects and to attend each Finance Committee meeting, as each individual commissioner may in his or her sole discretion determine.


The Commission shall review and evaluate the operation of the bond program as it may from time to time determine and may order any changes that it considers necessary or desirable.


The Commission shall retain final authority over policies and administrative procedures governing the operation of the bond program.


If at any time the Commission decides to take any action or make any decision, it may do so at any regular or special meeting or through any telephone conference call as the Commission in its sole discretion may determine.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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