Oregon Oregon Business Development Department

Rule Rule 123-016-0020


Except as set forth in 123-016-0020 (Eligibility)(2), the following are eligible recipients of business retention services:


A for-profit business firm, whose Oregon facility is:


Engaged in:


Technology manufacturing;


Wood and forest products processing;


Clean technologies;


Outdoor gear or active wear production;


Agriculture or aquaculture development;


Food or seafood processing;


Other advanced manufacturing; or


producing goods or services and competing in markets for which regional, national or international competition exists; and


Experiencing at least one of the following issues: Declining employment, declining sales, declining profits, or an erosion of working capital, that is likely to lead to major employee layoffs or closure of the business, or an emerging industry or part of an industry cluster with high potential for market growth, job retention and job creation.


A public or non-profit, private entity which:


has as one of its primary purposes, as stated in its articles of incorporation, charter or bylaws, the promotion of economic development in Oregon; and


Is requesting business retention services for an industrial facility in Oregon which is actually closed or houses a business which has announced its closure.


Business retention services shall not be used to relocate a business from one labor market in Oregon to another.

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Jun. 8, 2021