OAR 123-019-0030
Application Procedure


Each Applicant shall certify to the Certified Entity and the Department that it is an eligible Applicant for the Fund under OAR 123-019-0020 (Eligibility)(1) and shall specify which of the criteria outlined in 123-019-0020 (Eligibility)(1) it meets.


The Certified Entity may enroll the Applicant in an appropriate Small Business Management Program. Each Applicant shall:


Have completed a Small Business Management Program;


Be enrolled in a Small Business Management Program prior to Department action on such Applicant’s loan request; or


Satisfactorily document to the Certified Entity and Department, a business plan that adequately demonstrates the ability of the Applicant to repay the proposed loan.


Each Applicant shall certify to the Department that the applicant is enrolled in or has completed a Small Business Management Program as applicable or has prepared a business plan that has been reviewed by the Certified Entity.


Prior to applying for a loan from the Fund, each Applicant will provide a business plan acceptable to the Certified Entity and the Department.


The business plan must be reviewed by the Director or counseling staff of the Certified Entity where the Applicant is enrolled in a Small Business Management Program or where the Applicant is receiving assistance with the preparation of the business plan. Review of the business plan by the Certified Entity does not imply any judgment by the Certified Entity as to the accuracy or validity of the plan.


Upon completion and review of the business plan as provided in sections (4) and (5) of this rule, the business plan, together with a credit application on the form provided by the Department, along with all supporting financial documents, shall be forwarded to the Department for consideration. The credit application shall contain a detailed list of the proposed uses of the proceeds of the loan being sought from the Fund.


The Department may require such additional information from an Applicant as the Department determines is necessary for a thorough review and analysis of the application.


Upon completion of its review the Department shall forward the application to the Director, with a recommendation for action. The Department may submit the application to the Loan Committee for its recommendation. The Director may:


Approve the application; or


Deny the application; or


Return the application to the Applicant for further information.


If a loan request is approved, the Department shall prepare such documents as are necessary to close the loan transaction. Such documents shall reflect all terms and conditions upon which the Director may have conditioned his or her approval of the loan.


A Borrower may apply for and the Director may approve subsequent loans from the Fund. No borrower may receive more than an aggregate amount of $250,000 in loan proceeds from the Fund. Applicants for subsequent loans must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in 123-019-0020 (Eligibility).


The Department may notify the Certified Entity if any Borrower with which the Certified Entity has worked becomes delinquent in its payment or otherwise acts in such a manner as to jeopardize the repayment of the loan.
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